Leica DISTO D5 indoor and outdoor laser measure

The Leica DISTO D5 is particularly suitable for distance measurements in outdoor areas. Due to the digital Pointfinder, aiming is

Topcon AT-B Series Automatic Levels

24-48 Hours
The Topcon AT-B series establishes a new benchmark for auto levels used in surveying, engineering, and construction applications. The automatic

Topcon RL-HV2S Versatile laser Horizontal Vertical Dual Slope Construction Laser

The RL-HV2S Laser is built for multitasking – jobs where you need a laser for horizontal or vertical applications, single, or dual slope applications. This laser is easy to use and will meet all your job site rotating laser needs.

Leica Rugby 640 Vertical-Horizontal Rotary Laser With RC400 Remote Control

24-48 Hours
The Leica Rugby 640 is a Vertical-Horizontal Rotary Laser for indoor and outdoor Applications with a 90° laser for Layout, and Manual Slope in Dual Axis

Leica Disto S910 Touch Distance Meter

24-48 Hours
The S910 is the only DISTO with Point to Point (P2P) capability built into the device itself. For close range interior measurements, just flip out the Smart Base, pick a measuring position and use the P2P function to take accurate measurements around a room from a single location. Measurements can be compiled in a DXF document for use in CAD. This makes the S910 a favorite among installers who need accurate measurements (which can be fed to a CNC machine) to cut expensive materials like countertops or commercial glass. For long range P2P measurements, use an FTA-S tripod adapter. The FTA-S unlocks the full potential of the S910 1000ft range and 4x zoom pointfinder camera. The S910 and the FTA-S are available together in the S910 P2P package, which are ideal tools for anyone who needs to get inaccessible measurements on outdoor job sites. The S910 P2P package is used by solar installers and by architects and engineers working on commercial projects.

Leica Rugby 680 Self-Levling Grade Lasers

THe Leica 680 Slop laser Bring simplicity to construction applications with the Leica Rugby 680 grade laser. Designed for contractors who do mostly flat work but occasionally need to create single or dual slopes, the Rugby 680 construction laser is easy to use and effective in all levelling and grading tasks.

Topcon TP-L6 Pipe Laser Red Beam

The TP-L6 is ideal for contractors that lay pipe required to be at specific angles as well as project involving trenching, sewers, mining, and tunneling.

Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3×360° Line Laser, Green beam

24-48 Hours
PRECISION ALIGNMENT GREEN MULTI LINE LASER 3x360° HIGHLY VISIBLE, GREEN LASER LINES Three, ultra-strong 360° thin, crisp and clearly visible green laser lines are ideal for bright environments and large work environments as green laser lines are up to four times more visible to the human eye if compared to red lase

Northwest Instrument NRL800XK Slope Rotary Laser + Detector

24-48 Hours
The NRL800X Single Grade Laser is a rugged construction laser that is perfect for leveling, alignment, squaring, and grading applications. With an operating range of up to 2,000 feet when paired with a laser receiver, this grade laser offers a horizontal accuracy of ±1/16 inch at 100 feet and vertical accuracy of ±1/8 at 100 feet. It also comes with a dial-in automatic grade setting method.

NWI CARTA: Digital Mapping Wheel; Electronic Distance Measuring and Estimating

24-48 Hours
CARTA: Digital Mapping Wheel; Electronic Distance Measuring and Estimating Feet, Inches, Yards, Meters, White MEASURE: Create and design projects with

Leica Disto X4 Laser distance meter

24-48 Hours
The DISTO X4 designed for bright, outdoor environments. Measuring outside often? The DISTO X4 improves on the X3 by adding a pointfinder camera, which lets you aim your DISTO’s laser point using the full color, high-resolution display—simply line up your desired measurement point in the on-display crosshairs and you’ll get a precise measurement. Just as smart and just as comfortable to use. Auto-rotating display. On-board tilt sensor for Smart Horizontal. Includes Bluetooth for transferring measurements to your computer or mobile device. And it works seamlessly with our DISTO Plan App.