A machine control receiver for rotary or slope lasers is a specialized device used in construction and grading applications. It is designed to receive laser signals emitted from a rotating or slope laser and provide precise measurements of elevation or slope. This receiver is commonly used in conjunction with heavy machinery, such as dozers, excavators, or graders, to ensure accurate and efficient grading operations. The receiver detects the laser beam and provides real-time feedback, guiding the operator to achieve the desired grade or slope. It enhances productivity and accuracy in construction projects, allowing for precise leveling and grading in various terrains.

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Topcon LS-B20 Machine Control Laser Receiver 270° degree laser detection

The Topcon LS-B20 Receiver delivers a versatile, low cost solution for grade checking and machine control grade applications. With its integrated magnetic mount and 270 detection range, the LS-B20 can be easily installed on a vast array of machines with 4 different grade zone selections. In addition, the lightweight design allows the LS-B20 to be paired with Holder-6 and mounted on a grade rod to check grade as well.

Topcon LS-B10 Machine Control Laser Receiver

Topcon receivers are indicate solutions for grade checking and machine control grade applications. They provide cost-effective solutions for grade control on small machines such as backhoes, mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, and other compact equipment.

Topcon LS-B200 Rugged Machine Control Laser Receiver

The Topcon LS-B200 Machine Control Laser Receiver is a reliable device used by construction professionals to measure ground level and sloped terrains. It can be used on dozers, excavators, backhoes, drag-boxes, and scrapers, and offers a 360-degree detection angle, for a more efficient and accurate use in the field.

Leica LMR240 Receiver 240 degree Machine control receiver with Carrying Case

24-48 Hours
Leica 773569 LMR240 Receiver 240 degree Machine control receiver with Carrying CaseThis receiver provides the convenience of a machine-mounted display

Leica MC200 Depthmaster Machine Mount Laser Receiver with Carrying Case

24-48 Hours
Make use of your dipstick as a measurement device! Leica Geosystems’ Leica MC200 Depthmaster is intended for digging applications when

Leica LMR-360R 360° Machine Control Receiver and Remote in-cab Display (915 Mhz)

24-48 Hours
Leica LMR360R is a 360° Machine Mounted Receiver and comes with mounting options and the Remote In-Cab display. The LMR360R

Leica LMR360R 360° Machine Control Receiver with Screw Clamp or Magnetic mounting clamps

24-48 Hours
Leica LMR360R is a 360° Machine Mounted Receiver and comes with Screw clamp or Magnetic mounting option and 868 Mhz

Leica LMD360R Remote Display (868 Mhz) to be paired with LMR360R Machine Control Receiver

24-48 Hours
Leica 773558 LMD360R Remote Display. This display mounts with a suction cup to the windshield and is clear to not

GeoMax MR240 Receiver with carrying case

24-48 Hours
This GeoMax 775123 MR240 receiver is perfect for use with backhoes and small excavators and provides the ease of a

GeoMax MR360RS Receiver and Remote Display Package Includes Receiver Clamp

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 6009255 includes the MR360RS receiver and Remote Display in a package. The 360° detection windows on the Geomax MR360R

GeoMax MD360 Remote Display

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 775129 MD360 Remote Display

GeoMax MR360RA receiver with Cabin display with magnets (Rechargeable batteries, Carrying case)

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 784151 MR360RA receiver with Cabin Display. Use the GeoMax MR360RA 360 Machine Control Receiver w/ Remote Display to do