Theodolites are optical survey instruments used to measure horizontal and vertical angles in various surveying and engineering applications. They consist of a telescope mounted on a rotating base and a vertical spindle, allowing for accurate measurements of angles both horizontally and vertically. Theodolites are commonly used in land surveying, construction layout, and mapping to determine precise angles for mapping and positioning purposes. They are also often utilized in road and infrastructure projects, tunnel construction, and architectural projects.

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Northwest Instrument NETH503 5-Second Digital Theodolite NETH503

24-48 Hours
The NETH503 Digital Theodolite can be used for many types of surveying: Cadastral, topographic, engineering, third and fourth order triangulation and control. It can also be used in the planning and construction of railways, bridges and highways. Other uses include: Mining, water conservation, engineering and general surveying.

GeoMax Zipp02 2″ Digital Theodolite

24-48 Hours
Zipp02 Digital Theodolite

DT8-05LP 5-Sec. Digital Theodolite, with Laser Plummet

24-48 Hours
DT8-05LP 5-second digital theodolite with laser plummet for centering of point. Simple, push button functions gives the user precise LCD digital readouts.

DT8-05LS 5-Sec. Laser Sight Digital Theodolite, with Optical Plummet

24-48 Hours
DT8-05LS 5-second Laser sight digital theodolite with optical plummet for centering over point. Laser beam is built into aperture for easy and accurate alignment.

Topcon DT series of Digital Theodolites

24-48 Hours
Topcon DT series of Digital Theodolites. A very accurate tool for alignment and angle measurements is the Topcon DT-309 Digital

Sokkia Digital Theodolite DT50 Series

24-48 Hours
Sokkia DT50 Series will have you set up and working fast, the large backlit LCD screen makes it easy to

Theodilite Case for DT05

24-48 Hours
Hard protective carrying case designed to store the SitePro DT05 Digital Theodolite

DT8-05P 5-Sec. Digital Theodolite, with Optical Plummet

24-48 Hours
DT8-05P 5-second digital theodolite features with optical plummet. Simple, push button functions gives the user precise LCD digital readouts.

Site Pro DT8EP Diagonal Eyepiece for DT8-05 Series

24-48 Hours
The SKTEP diagonal eyepiece is designed to use with theodolite when measuring steep vertical angles. Enhance your working distance using the diagonal eyepiece in areas where large buildings or obstacles prevent an ideal working distance between the theodolite and target object.