Construction lasers, also known as laser levels, are devices used in the construction industry to project a highly visible laser beam. These lasers are used to establish straight lines, right angles, and predetermined slopes, making them invaluable tools for accurate and efficient construction work. They can be mounted on tripods or affixed to walls, and their laser beams can be used for tasks like setting foundations, aligning walls, installing tiles, and determining heights and grades. Construction lasers greatly aid in ensuring precision and consistency in various construction projects.

3D Measuring System (10)

Machine Control (15)

Grade lasers (9)

Rotary Lasers (27)

Pipe Lasers (8)

Laser distance meter (11)

Machine Control Receiver (15)

Laser Receivers (18)

Layout Laser (1)

Line Lasers (10)

Plumb Lasers (3)

Leveling Rods (67)

Laser Accessories (56)

Pipe Laser Accessories (72)