A GPS GNSS survey is a data collection technique that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies to determine precise positions on the Earth’s surface. This survey method involves using specialized GPS/GNSS receivers to collect location data, which can be further analyzed for a variety of applications such as mapping, navigation, geodesy, and surveying

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GeoMax Zenith60 LTE Flexible Rover Set, multi-constellation

24-48 Hours
GeoMax Zenith60 Trust your results, and work quickly and flexibly. Gain productivity and efficiency by using the calibration-free tilt feature of the Zenith60, which makes each survey quicker and more practical. You can feel secure knowing your data is reliable because the antenna is immune to magnetic interferences. The Zenith60 performs at its highest level when used in conjunction with GeoMax field controllers and X-PAD Ultimate field software. The ease of use offered by X-PAD reduces the necessity for training. Additionally, X-PAD Ultimate includes free software maintenance. Maintaining an active X-PERT subscription allows you to continue benefit from new software advancements.

Zenith16 Rover Set, multi-constellation

24-48 Hours
The Zenith16 is our answer to the ideal price-performance ratio because it offers dependable technology at a reasonable cost. Combined with X-PAD software, this receiver unlocks its full potential. Take advantage of Hexagon's cutting-edge technology and the alliance with premium brands like SATEL and NovAtel to enhance productivity and lower failure rates. GeoMax wants to provide consumers the freedom to decide which functionalities they actually need in order to complete their tasks. Due to this, there are two versions of the Zenith16 receiver: one with and one without an integrated SATEL radio.

Zenith06 GNSS dual frequency receiver including multi- constellation support

24-48 Hours
The GeoMax 948914 Zenith06 smart antenna with X-PAD field software is the answer when you need precise results without having

Sokkia GCX3 Basic Model RTK GNSS Receiver

24-48 Hours
The GCX3 is the most recent GNSS integrated receiver made specifically for Sokkia and intended for portable, practical field use.

Sokkia R4S-BT External UHF Radio options

24-48 Hours
The Sokkia R4S-BT External Radio Modem is a versatile and cutting-edge UHF radio transceiver modem and offers the best RTK

Sokkia GRX GNSS Multi Constellation Receiver Kits

24-48 Hours
Your precise positioning applications will benefit from the Sokkia GRX3 GNSS Receiver’s fully integrated, all-in-view constellation RTK GNSS receiver’s increased

Sokkia Satel EASy Pro 35W Base Radio Kit with cables

24-48 Hours
The Sokkia 1002972-01 SATELLINE-EASy Pro wireless UHF radio modem delivers the signal strength you’ll need to cover the largest Construction

Zenith10/20 GNSS Receiver Options

24-48 Hours
GeoMax Zenith10/20 GNSS Receiver Options

Zenith 25 GNSS Receiver Options

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 797019 Zenith 25 GNSS Receiver Options

Zenith 25 Pro GNSS Receiver Options

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 810975 Zenith 25 Pro GNSS Receiver Options

Zenith 35 GNSS Receiver Options

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 827970 Zenith 35 GNSS Receiver Options

Zenith 35 Pro GNSS Receiver options

24-48 Hours
GeoMax 847647 Zenith 35 Pro GNSS Receiver options