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Sokkia Mag Nails and Spikes

24-48 Hours
Sokkia Magnails’ revolutionary new metal formula retains magnetism, which doubles or quadruples metal detector detection. These magnails are easier to

Sokkia Mag Hub Nails

24-48 Hours
Sokkia Inch Mag Hub Nails. Mag Hub is corrosion-resistant and magnetic for simple detection. It resembles a typical survey marker

18-in Frost Pin with Flo-Lime Tip

24-48 Hours
The SitePro FP18RT 18-in (45.7 cm) frost pin is made of 1" (25.4mm) diameter high-grade steel, making it easier to start a hole in compact or frozen gound for surveye stakes and hubs. The 1-3/4 in (44mm) button top is painted in flo-red for easy visibility.

18” GAD

24-48 Hours
Ideally used to break, chip, chisel and pry rocks apart. It is meant to be used to break up icy ground to make wood survey stakes easier to drive in the ground.