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KS3P 3-Point Alignment Laser

24-48 Hours
The KS 3P is ideal for one person leveling, plumb, and simple layout. Projects plumb up and down laser points and a horizontal laser point. Small, compact design with easy to accesss battery compartment.

Leica Lino P5-1 Self-Levelling 5-Point Laser Red Beam

24-48 Hours
Leica Lino P5-1 5-Point Laser is A Precise laser projection, right to the point

Northwest Instrument NLP05 Self-Leveling Red 5-Point Dot Laser Level, 100′ (30m) Range

24-48 Hours
The Northwest Instrument NLP 05 Selectable Point Laser is the first selectable 3 / 4 / 5 point laser on the market, allowing the user to choose how many point lasers are turned on. NLP05 is designed to help in applications of point transfer and layout.